Adrift – pre-order now available

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My new album ‘Adrift’ will be released on 10/10/14 on the lovely Eilean Records label. In the mean time it’s available for pre-order here and three tracks can be streamed from the Bandcamp player below:


The album was written between April and August 2014 at home in London and mastered at 12kmastering by Taylor Deupree. I’ll write a bit more about the creative process in a future post as it was quite different from what I’ve been doing until now. This short text was written for the press release and kind of summarises the intention behind the work:

‘Adrift’ is conceived as a sound exploration of a sea area in close proximity of the fictional island of Eilean. The land itself haunts the music as a spectral presence exerting a pull on the narrative and is occasionally seen through a thick veil of mist and fog. The eight tracks on the album works as a series of discrete but related mythical seascapes, each evoking in their own way the elusiveness and foreboding nature of this space.


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This piece was composed and performed in Hanoi in April 2014 at Madake Bar as part of the Resilience exhibition with conceptual artist Anthony Bannwart ( All sounds were processed from field recordings captured in and around Hanoi a few days before the performance.

Adrift – Video trailer and preview

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My new album ‘Adrift’ will be released on 10/10/14 on Eilean Records.

eilean rec. 13 : pascal savy – memory fragment (10.10.14) from M.V / EILEAN REC. on Vimeo.



SismografoSeries Mix

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Jordi Giraldez recently asked me to put together a mix for his SismografoSeries website. The only rule was to use work exclusively released under the Creative Commons license. Interesting restriction as I don’t follow the experimental netlabel scene as such. As I didn’t have much time to get myself really immersed into it, I took another approach and decide to use only a handful of labels and artists I’ve been following for quite some time and use a limited number of tracks (especially from Kenneth Kirschner and the label Yugen Art) that I cut-up and layered non-linearly to make something akin to a long piece of music instead of a proper ‘mix’. Enjoy!

SismografoSeries Vol.18 Pascal Savy by Sismografoseries on Mixcloud