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Sometimes in September last year, Mathias Van Eecloo who runs Eilean Rec. asked me to make a track for the label’s end-of-the-year compilation. He wanted something quite different than the album I had just released, something more “ethereal” and “softer” than the harsher textures that I had made for Adrift. He sent me a few photos to help me finding the right tone for the track and one of them to be so inspiring that I made this music in nearly one sitting in October. The compilation was released last December and it’s called Eilean 53. It features the 12 artists who released an album on Eilean Rec. in 2014. Here is my contribution:

c. photo Mathias Van Eecloo

Adrift – only a few copies left

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My album ‘Adrift’ was released on Eilean Records on 10/10/14 and has now sold out there. I’ve got a few copies left and they’re available for sale on my Bandcamp account. The record has received some very nice reviews so far and I really recommend reading James Catchpole’s text for A Closer Listen. It’s beautifully written, very insightful and it reveals things I never suspected existed in my music.

Murky tones ghost around in the fog, like an ancient mariner’s mythical tale of terror. Rolling around on the sea, Adrift is exploratory, subtle and kissed by wisps of mystery.

Adrift – pre-order now available

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My new album ‘Adrift’ will be released on 10/10/14 on the lovely Eilean Records label. In the mean time it’s available for pre-order here and three tracks can be streamed from the Bandcamp player below:


The album was written between April and August 2014 at home in London and mastered at 12kmastering by Taylor Deupree. I’ll write a bit more about the creative process in a future post as it was quite different from what I’ve been doing until now. This short text was written for the press release and kind of summarises the intention behind the work:

‘Adrift’ is conceived as a sound exploration of a sea area in close proximity of the fictional island of Eilean. The land itself haunts the music as a spectral presence exerting a pull on the narrative and is occasionally seen through a thick veil of mist and fog. The eight tracks on the album works as a series of discrete but related mythical seascapes, each evoking in their own way the elusiveness and foreboding nature of this space.


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This piece was composed and performed in Hanoi in April 2014 at Madake Bar as part of the Resilience exhibition with conceptual artist Anthony Bannwart ( All sounds were processed from field recordings captured in and around Hanoi a few days before the performance.