SIsmografoSeries Mix

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Jordi Giraldez recently asked me to put together a mix for his SismografoSeries website. The only rule was to use work exclusively released under the Creative Commons license. Interesting restriction as I don’t follow the experimental netlabel scene as such. As I didn’t have much time to get myself really immersed into it, I took another approach and decide to use only a handful of labels and artists I’ve been following for quite some time and use a limited number of tracks (especially from Kenneth Kirschner and the label Yugen Art) that I cut-up and layered non-linearly to make something akin to a long piece of music instead of a proper ‘mix’. Enjoy!

SismografoSeries Vol.18 Pascal Savy by Sismografoseries on Mixcloud

Music for spoon

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A short film by Gianmarco Del Re about London-based artist-maker Nic Webb. Nic makes spoons and other objects out of green wood which he sources in his immediate surroundings. The film documents the transformation of wood into spoon and features fascinating insights into the ideas that underpin the process. The accompanying music was formed and composed between January and March 2014 and like the green wood featured in the film the raw material has followed a slow process of transformation until it could really work with the narrative of the project.

Nic Webb Artist-Maker from Gianmarco Del Re on Vimeo.

Mix for Futuresequence

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Here is a mix I made for Futuresequence a while back. First and last track by the always incredible Oren Ambarchi – in between the mix follows a circuitous path through shadowed drones, saturated walls of sound and expansive soundscapes. The wonderful artwork which works perfectly with the mood and atmosphere of the music comes courtesy of Michael Waring who runs Futursequence. Some heavyweights in this mix but also some lesser-known artists – I hope you enjoy…

Pascal Savy Mix by Futuresequence on Mixcloud

Sleep Paralysis

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This is a track I started sometimes last year (maybe in April 2013?) as a study for live performance but for some reason I forgot about it. If I remember correctly, the first version was made in one take with very minimal equipment – TX7 as sole sound source (sine wave patch I’d made earlier), ring modulator MF-102 used as a drive and tremolo effect and a bit of EchoBoy and El Capistan to give the sound more dimension. It’s only last November, when Dan Crossley asked me for some audio to go with his photo and field recording project Sleeping Giants, that I found it again on my hard-drive. I used this occasion to give the track more structure and re-arrange a bit the stems I had until it felt complete. I really like the track as it is now, but I’d like to come back to it at some point soon and develop it further to make a much longer version.