How To Choose Beautiful And Convenient Headphones?

Headphone is one of the most important accessories of music lovers. On markets nowadays, there is a variety of headphones that are convenient, good – looking and have strange designs that suits your need of experiencing the sound world from digital devices. With the high pace of technology development, headphone product lines on market are diversity with many types that serve certain purposes and additional functions, from well – known brands such as Sony, Sennheiser, Joinhandmade, AKG who produce the best noise cancelling headphones as well as high – end headphones to some headphone manufacturers that do not gain popularity. The prices are quite different, too. You can have a headphone with just less than $100 or you have to spend more than $1000. Therefore, to choose the best headphone that can satisfy you completely, you might put it into carefully consideration. Take a look at some criteria below when choosing a headphone.

Best Headphones

Utilizing purposes

This factor plays an important part when you want to spend money on a headphone. If you are a person who uses headphone while travelling on a daily basis, you should consider choosing in – ear headphones (the ear pads are small and put into the ears through the lines) or ear – buds (put onto the outer part of the ears) because of their compact designs. These headphones are often used along with portable devices such as smartphones or music players. The ability of noise cancellation of these products is not highly appreciated. Besides, you can have a Bluetooth headphone which doesn’t use wires. Recently, Sony presented some unique and beautiful models of wireless headphones such as SBH700. This might be a good choice for you.

If you need a headphone to listen to music while taking part in sports such as working out, jogging, biking, Sport Headphones are the better choice. The ear pads are attached to fixed circles that can help the headphone to stand still during the actions of the owner. Headphones that have good fit are better. In addition, you should look for headphones that are water resist to prevent the harms of sweats to your loving headphone.

Best Sport Headphones

If you want to find a headphone to use in office or at home, on – ear and full – sized headphones might be the best for you. The designs of those types are quite bulky which are often used for high noise cancellation.  With the overwhelming advantages about sound quality, full – sized headphones are the special ones for high quality music tracks.

The price

With headphone products, you cannot expect for a very good one that can be purchase in a low price. Therefore you have to consider a lot before deciding investing the money on any product according to the financial condition and your requirements. In personal opinion, I highly recommend headphones with clear brands because of high durability, good sound quality and guaranteed maintenance.

If you are not a picky person in music, headphones under 100 might satisfy you. On market, there are some considerable products such as Sony MDR EX – 51, Sennheiser HD414, HD212, PMX200, AKG K20P. You should try all of them to have good comparison between them.

More than 100, we have some headphones from well – known brands like Sony MDR-V55, Sennheiser CX-400II… They are full – sized headphones. With in – ear products you can see headphones from Joinhandmade with reasonable price and good sound quality. If you are an audiophile, the sound quality must be tested carefully especially with headphones over 100.


Beside some basic check about the sound quality, you should notice more about the ability to separate the sounds of the headphones. You should bring your hearing device to the stores so that you can test the products directly to see their pros and cons. Your favorite music genre will have a strong impact to the types of headphone you might interest in. If you are the person who really likes enjoy music while moving, best Bluetooth earbuds for running might be the perfect choice.

Moreover, additional details such as the wire length (normally about 1.2m), the joints and the jacks that can apply to plenty of devices (for most use is 3.5mm port) must be considered carefully so that you can avoid buying product that are hard to use. If your headphone is not easily compatible to your devices, it would be a disaster.

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