7 Simple Steps to Operate a Record Player

As you know the record player existed a lot of years ago. We use it to record the music. Moreover, the operation of this old version is easy with many people. However, nowadays, the record player with the new version is very modern and has a lot of changes. Although you are only a beginner to own a turntable you can buy the new one or choose it from the shop of the record player for sale. This does not affect too much to the operation. At this time, you should note how to operate it. It is really important to operate this device properly.

Do you know it? How many steps to start your turntable? Now I will have a brief introduction to guide you. It includes 7 simple steps which you are very easy to remember and implementation. Let’s find out the best methods to operate your record player.

  1. Opening The Dust Cover of The Record Player

Open the dust cover of the record player

All turntables are protected by the plastic dust covers. This will help your record player limit the dirt from the outside when it is not used.

  • Firstly, you lift the dust cover;
  • Then, you should lower gently to avoid managing it. However, you remember that at this time the turntable is playing. Thus, you do not need to close tightly.
  • Also, you want to protect the platter and you have the closure. It is wrong because you can damage the player as well as your record.
  • Finally, after playing completely, you need close it as the initial state.
  1. Checking The Platter

The platter is a circle shape and it is a place to put the vinyl record on it. Some kinds of the turntable will have the second dust cover to protect your vinyl. And it is made of the felt material.

  • After that, you will take out the felt cover and put it the place where it is the cleanest as possible.
  • Next, you place the vinyl record on the platter.
  1. Making Sure The Record Player Is Not Spinning

Although you are using the manual turntable or the automatic turntable you should make sure that at this time it is not spinning because you are putting the vinyl record on the platter.

In fact, if you place the vinyl on the platter while it is turning both of the vinyl records and the platter will be scratched.

  1. Operating The Record Player

Place the platter into the motion. You should control all motion of the turntable. Besides, you must choose the speed selector. There are 3 level of the speed such as 33 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm and depend on your requirement for your work. You can select one. However, the standard 12 inches records often play 33rpm.

But in the case, with the automatic record player, the platter will start rotating when you lift the tone-arm and place it on the platter. Therefore, you do not need to put the platter into the motion.

  1. How to Place The Tone-Arm on The Record

The needle of the tone-arm must be put at the beginning of the record at the outer groove directly. And remember that your turntable does not start yet at this time.

Also, if your record player has a cueing feature you only need to use your hand to put the tone-arm gently.

Push the tone-arm and place it on the record

On the other hands, your turntable does not have a cueing feature you must push the tone-arm and place it on the beginning of the record.

  1. Lowering The Stylus

Your recording will start after you lower the stylus. So this is the final step if you want record player to begin.

After the tone-arm is lowered the outer groove the stylus also should match with the groove of the clicking sounds.

  1. Completing The Recording

When you finish the recording you must put the tone-arm into the resting position. You can do it very easy with 2 different ways:

  • Using your hand to taking it from the surface of the record;
  • Using the cueing switch

Especially, you only do this when your turntable stop. With some automatic record players, the tone-arm will return the resting position automatically when the record completes.

In conclusion, choosing the good turntable is an important thing and operating the record player properly is also very important, the best products at TrustedSounds will be a nice idea. This will help extend the life of your turntable. Although you know use and operate this device you also make it carefully and gently. I hope that through these seven simple steps will contribute more experience for using the record player of you.

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